12 Father's Day Ties For Dad, Because It's Always A Reliable Gift When You Can't Think Of Anything Better

When it comes to picking out a Father's Day gift, there's one item that will never fail you. Yes, I'm talking about getting a Father's Day tie for dad. They're useful, they're not too pricey, and most importantly, they're tons of fun to actually pick out. Men's clothing can be pretty boring when you think about it, so getting dad a playful tie will do a lot to spruce up his otherwise drab duds. Check out these 12 neck ties to find some inspiration, or better yet, find a perfect fit for pops this year.

Hipster Dude Tie

Let’s face it, your dad was rocking the ‘stache way before it was even cool.

Hipster Dude Tie, $28.93, WatsonSpike/Etsy

Darth Vader Pink And Navy Skinny Tie

When you give it to him, make sure you get into character: “Dad… you are my father.”

Darth Vader Pink and Navy Skinny Tie, $26.99, CuffLinks

Brown August Floral Tie

I don’t care what anyone says — every man needs to own at least one floral tie.

Brown August Floral Tie, $20,

Power Sound Activated Light Up Tie

Yes this is real, and yes your dad needs one.

Power Sound Activated Light Up Tie, $35,

Rage Face Tie

Tell him you drew it. He’ll love it even more.

Rage Face Tie, $20,

Black Hometown Stars Skinny Tie

Because dad’s a star. Obvi.

Black Hometown Stars Skinny Tie, $25, The Tie Bar

Mario-Inspired Tie

Every dad has a video-game-loving boy in him, and Mario’s a classic.

Mario Inspired Tie, $45, Absolute Ties

Eye Chart Tie

Of course, dad will make you stand at the opposite side of the room and try to read it.

Eye Chart Tie, $20,

Red Bicycle Chambray Skinny Tie

Go ahead, help dad be a hipster.

Red Bicycle Chambray Skinny Tie, $19, The Tie Bar

Fighter Planes Tie

Kind of vintage and extra cool, this tie is sure to be a hit with dad.

Fighter Planes Tie, $45, Absolute Ties

Metro Map Tie

Just in case dad needs a little help getting around town.

Metro Map Tie, $36, TheWoolFish/Etsy

Color Block Tie

Everyone looks good in a color block, dad included.

Color Block Tie, $29.99, Express