Betty Bailey Is A Fashion Icon & Instagram Star

The internet is onto another Insta-grandma sensation, and this time it's all about style. 90-year-old Betty Bailey's Instagram account features fashion best described as a Katy Perry-concert-meets-senior-assisted-living-center, and I am absolutely loving it.

Betty Bailey is a total fashionista. She sports cotton candy pink hair, electric blue eyeshadow, and retro red lips, usually all at the same time. She wears tiaras, feathers, and full-length formal gowns. It's all documented on her personal Instagram account, and it's getting attention. Earlier this month, Bailey was featured in a shoot for VICE Magazine.

"For me fashion is a spiritual release," Bailey told The Huffington Post. "What I choose to adorn my body helps awaken my soul and in that moment I become a sterling Movie Star!" Preach, sister.

Showing off has always been in Bailey's nature. She started her showbiz career in the 1940s, tap dancing at military balls. She then traveled the world during WWII. Bailey proudly displays some throwback pics of her heyday on her Instagram account.

She now lives in Oceanside, California and keeps the showbiz spirit by dressing up for photo shoots with her grandson, Love Bailey, an artist.

And in case you were wondering, Bailey's got some great advice on aging, too. "Age is just a number, your light is eternal." May we all age as gracefully and wisely as Bailey.