'Doctor Who's Tennant & Smith Make A Great Team

by Alanna Bennett

We will admit our general wariness when it comes to getting too psyched up for an episode of Doctor Who — as much as we still love the show, over-hype can be a dangerous thing, and we try to avoid it as much as possible. This proves to be near impossible, especially when BBC releases new Doctor Who trailers like the ones they released this weekend. Because then we have no choice but to sit blubbering Doctor Who keywords at our computer screens until "The Day of the Doctor" airs on Nov. 22.

Because DAVID TENNANT! PALLING AROUND WITH MATT SMITH! Ten and Eleven in sync like some Time Lord boy band, throwing shade at each other and admiring each others glasses and comparing the size of their respective sonic screwdrivers (ifyouknowwhatimean).

Basically what these two trailers made us realize is that all we really want in the world* is a show where the Doctor is his own companion, Ten and Eleven taking on the universe and gettin' silly and also disturbingly but poetically deep. The pinstripes! The fezzes!

Oh, and did we mention ROSE??!?!?!


We missed you, boo. You Bad Wolf better than anyone.

Also notable in the trailers: John Hurt as Mysterious Third Doctor Man (not to be confused with the Third Doctor), Clara, a big red button that no one should push that will definitely no doubt 100% be pushed, Ten riding a horse out of the TARDIS, uses of both "geronimo!" and "allons-y!," Eleven hanging out of the TARDIS over London just like when he was a wee Eleven newbie, three Doctors walking in slow-mo together, and some more, but that's a lot.

First, witness the teaser-y one:

And then the full extended trailer:

We're sure it will be very dramatic — but is it bad all we really crave is the Doctors and the companions palling around and maybe playing delightful pranks on each other and maybe a group hug? Like, for everybody to be happy for a while and for David Tennant and Billie Piper to never leave us again?

*That's not true. We also want a Doctor of color, a lady Doctor, less convoluted storylines, more companions of color, etc. BUT IT WOULD STILL BE FUN.

Images: BBC