13 Taylor Swift Lyrics That Would Make Great Tats

Taylor Swift is a wordsmith and throughout her vast catalog of songs, she has turned plenty of memorable phrases that her fans scrawl on the back of their notebooks, in their journals, or on their skin in Sharpie, like she has in concert. Plenty of Taylor Swift lyrics would translate into pretty amazing and totally non-cheesy Taylor Swift inspired tattoos. I mean, she's kind of considered the poet laureate of the under-25 set, thanks to deft command of the English language.

I personally love the look of script tattoos and reading phrases on someone's skin. As a writer, I love it when words are powerful and impactful enough for someone to permanently etch them on their body. I'm also a big fan of song lyrics as tattoos — I have "You're up here with angels, but you look like hell" from a song by Far, one of my fave bands permanently inked on my body.

With T. Swift, it's a treasure trove of possibilities for tattoos you won't regret. While there are lots of clever and catchy "Wish I'd came up with that!" sayings in her song lyrics, these 13 phrases are totally worth putting on your body.

Yes, I picked 13 since that's Swift's favorite number and because I could have been at this all day. I had to give myself an endpoint, so why not go with Swift's lucky digits?

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1. On Appreciating What You've Got

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Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find / That what you're looking for has been here the whole time.

— "You Belong With Me"

2. On Making Compromises


The battle's in your hands now / But I would lay my armor down / If you said you'd rather love than fight.

— "The Story of Us"

3. On Fate


I'll spend forever wondering if you knew / I was enchanted to meet you.

— "Enchanted"

4. On Growing Up


We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time / It's miserable and magical.

— "22"

5. On Embracing Change


You'll be mine and I'll be yours / All I know since yesterday is everything has changed.

— "Everything Has Changed"

6. On Finding A Soulmate


And your eyes look like coming home.

— "Everything Has Changed"

7. On Staying Excited


In silent screams / In wildest dreams / I never dreamed of this.

— "This Love"

8. On Being Good To People

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Band-Aids don't fix bulletholes.

— "Bad Blood"

9. On Loving Yourself

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You're beautiful / Every little piece love/ And don't you know / You're really gonna be someone / Ask anyone / And when you find everything you looked for / I hope your love will lead you back to my door / Oh, but if it don't / Stay beautiful.

— "Stay Beautiful"

10. On Letting Go

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And I can't breathe without you / But I have to / Breathe without you.

— "Breathe"

11. On Being Passionate

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Never knew I could feel that much / And that's the way I loved you.

— "The Way I Loved You"

12. On Getting Over Bad Times

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There was nothing left to do / When the butterflies turned to dust that covered my whole room / So I punched a hole in the roof / Let the flood carry away all my pictures of you.

— "Clean"

13. On Ambition


Maybe I'm just a girl on a mission / But I'm ready to fly.

— "A Place In This World"

Never stop being perfect, Tay.

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