Jennifer Lopez Is Now Team Lob Squad

Here's something I never, ever thought I'd see. That glamazon and quintessential diva Jennifer Lopez got a lob, chopping off her hair. The multi-hyphenate superstar, who sings, acts, dances, designs, and doles out advice to wannabes on American Idol, was also confetti bombed at the airport when the lob photos were snapped, but that's really secondary to me.

J. Lo is pretty much defined by her long, luxe locks, but she cruised through with a shoulder-skimming, choppy bob and it threw me for a loop.

It's taking me a minute to process. Sure, she would still blow me away wearing a stocking cap on her head, since she is blessed with infinite natural beautiful, but I'm not used to a lobbed Lopez. The choppy, trendy 'do is the haircut du jour among celebs, but I never expected La Lopez to go there.

But then again, with her Herculean schedule, which includes being a mom to twins Max and Emme, perhaps she needs something to be low maintenance and that's her real hair, sans extensions and product, when she is not working, attending a formal red carpet event, or promoting one of her many projects.

So while it's a jarring change, it's also refreshing. Have a look.

She is still rocking her mixed golden highlights, but it's layered and the length dusts the shoulders. J to the Lo kept things glam with her gloss, huge gold hoops, giant shades, and signature bronzer.


But I like the shorter locks for these reasons.

1. Gimme A Break


Lopez's locks get a workout, with her schedule and her diva-like nature. Sometimes, even hair needs a break and damaged strands need to be chopped (or removed of its extensions) so new, healthy strands can grow in their stead. Another Jennifer — that'd be Aniston — is (living) proof of this follicle fact.

2. Change Is Good


I can't remember the last time I saw J. Lo go short. Big hair is her thing, so there is nothing wrong with going a different route. It's just hair. It'll always grow back. Or be replaced with a fresh set of extensions.

3. J. Lo Really Is Human


There's no way the diva isn't high-maintenance when it comes to her grooming routine. So to see her with regular hair and without all that volume, which is probably enhanced with extensions, is actually kinda nice. It reminds us that yes, even Jennifer Lopez is human.

Whatever the length of her locks, J. Lo remains a consummate diva.

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