"You Are Here" Umbrella, And 6 Other Things Every Cheeky Existentialist Needs Immediately

Have you ever felt disconnected from the world and people around you, and even from your own body? Multi-disciplinary artist Nadiah Alsagoff explores that concept with her "You Are Here" umbrella, which casts a word shadow in order to remind wearers exactly where they are temporally. It's the exact kind of accessory Meursault from The Stranger could have used on the beach the day he committed murder, not just to stave of melanoma from sun exposure. Alsagoff's website says of her and her work:

"Born into a mixed family of Arab-Chinese heritage, her work revolves around her position in a culturally mixed setting to look at themes of identity and existence, through the use of the body. She is interested in the relationship between the body, the self and its position the everyday world."

Being confused about one's status or meaning in our absurd world is the obvious purview of existentialist anxiety, and Alasgoff's umbrella seems like a pretty matter-of-fact reminder that existential worry is served only by the very obvious. The individualist philosophy of the umbrella, which situates the wearer as an individual, rather than as a part of a larger whole, fits in easily with existentialist doctrine. Aside from the philosophical reaching of the umbrella, it's also very cool, and existentialist or not, we would wear:

Are you inspired? While you can't own Alasgoff's umbrella art (as far as I know!), if you're an existentialist or looking for a gift for the cheeky existentialist in your life, here are some other pretty solid accessories you can find online, as an alternative to owning the perfect umbrella:

1. Shawty Got That Existential Narcissism patch

Etsy, $8.

2. Existential slumber pen drawing

Etsy, $50.

3. Existential Philosophy Buttons

Etsy, $12.

4. Sartre "Hell Is Other People" Cross Stitch

Etsy, $25.

5. Albert Camus quote Valentine's card

Etsy, $4.75.

Images: Nadiah Alsagoff(3); SLIMGILTSOUL, zazuandgravy, yesware, EleventhHouseWares, BeingAndEverything/Etsy