Couple Who Aged Themselves React To The Video

Even the most calloused of us can get a little misty over heartfelt wedding vows. I'm especially a big fan of the traditional seating arrangements, you know what I mean? So you get to watch the future-forever (hopefully) partner of a person you love stare into that person you love's face while making vows. It's pretty touching. But an entirely different level of touching is the couple who watched each other age watching the video for the first time, a mere 12 hours after their wedding.

Kristie and Tavis gathered together a room packed with family shortly after their nuptials were exchanged, so there was no backing out. The freshly hitched couple held hands while watching as professional makeup artists aged the two to their 50s, 70s, and finally, their 90s. Sure, the two got to see the other person and have a gander at their own reflection, but watching the actual, real-time emotional response was, well, emotional. And as Kristie's mother pointed out, it was probably a pretty magical experience for their older relatives to witness, since as far as I know, no one has discovered the Fountain Of Youth or that creek from Tuck Everlasting just yet.

Even though the video went viral just four days before Kristie and Tavis's big day, the couple waited until after exchanging vows to check it out themselves. I admire that kind of self-restraint. Seriously—can you imagine? Shockingly, they don't look too nervous about witnessing the footage for the first time with heaps of family also present.

How do you prepare for something like that, even? I'm not sure I'd want to ruin the surprise. Just kidding—I wouldn't want to see how potentially decrepit I'd look even after 40 (let's be real, I'm not much of a runner and I love fries). And I'd certainly not want my newly-trapped life partner or family to bare witness to that. Anyway, clearly Kristie and Tavis are secure in their relationship and life so they bravely pushed forward in making the whole experience a rather public affair.

Although the entire video seems emotionally-charged with the ultra-good feels, the 90s is when the waterworks break loose in the most authentic way. The two say they know—WITHOUT A DOUBT—they made the right decision in marrying each other. It's so incredibly sweet, YOU'RE crying!

Here's the full video:

Makes me think of another touching moment in romantic history. Anyone else remember similar vows presented in 1998 cinematic gem The Wedding Singer? Because I do. And I still want to believe in a love like this:

Congrats to Kristie and Tavis! May you age as gracefully as the makeup artists predicted. Or at least like Billy Idol. Really, either is a win.

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