Pizza Hut Australia's Meat Pie Crust Pizza With Four'N Twenty Is Definitely The Result Of An “It's Complicated” Relationship

Just when you thought you'd seen the weirdest fast food mashups you could possibly imagine… there's this: Pizza Hut Australia's meat pie crust pizza. A collaboration with Australian meat pie company Four'N Twenty, it's a pizza with eight tiny little meat pies stuck to the edges. Is it genius? Madness? Somewhere in between? You be the judge. Me, I'm skeptical; although I like both meat pies and pizza, I'm not sure that together, they'd be my cup of tea… but alas, I shall never know for certain, since I live just about as far away from Australia as it is possible for any single person to live. Oh well.

“Aussies love pizza and we love pies, so in a world first, we've brought these two legendary foods together in the crust, the perfect combination for the heart of the footy season,” said Pizza Hut Australia Head of Marketing and Innovation Fatima Syed in a statement, according to the Daily Mail. She added, “Pizza Hut is the home of Stuffed Crust and we're being more playful with our Stuffed Crust innovation than ever before” — which actually may not be strictly true; maybe this is just me, but I would argue that the title of Most Playful Stuffed Crust Pizza belongs to the cheeseburger crust pie Pizza Hut released at locations in the Middle East and the UK back in 2013.

But I digress.

Continued Syed, “By partnering with some of the market's most-loved brands, including Four'N Twenty, we are able to create high-quality pizzas are fans will enjoy. Like any good relationship, you have to keep it exciting.”

Speaking of relationships, that's the angle the two brands are taking for their joint social media campaign — and it's actually kind of brilliant, if a little bit bizarre. The news of the pizza's arrival came via Twitter in the form of a birth announcement quite literally proclaiming it to be the lovechild of Pizza Hut and Four'N Twenty:

But, perhaps reflecting the mixed feelings of the general public about the pie — The Guardian's taste test tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it — the relationship between Four'N Twenty and Pizza Hut Australia seems to be somewhat tumultuous. In the week leading up to the pizza's release, the two brands proclaimed themselves to be in a “complicated” relationship:

And goodness me, the drama! It started as a brief flirtation:

Which eventually led to some hot and heavy pie-on-pie action:

But alas, things seem to have soured rather quickly; apparently one party was more invested in the budding relationship than the other:

But although Four'N Twenty appears to be quite the player, methinks Pizza Hut Australia also might be a stage five clinger:

But then again, maybe Pizza Hut Australia was just terrified both by what it was going through and the fact that it was going through it alone. Because then...

And, well… here we are. Fun fact: The incubation period for a pizza-meat pie hybrid appears to be four days, assuming that Junior here was conceived on the evening of May 21.

But hey, as weird as this offering may sound, at least it's not Vegemite pizza, right?

Image: Four'N Twenty/Facebook