8 DIY Centerpieces That Are Perfectly Charming For Any Outdoor Event (Including Weddings!)

Summer is here, which means outdoor entertaining season is upon us too — and it's time you took your perfect patio party up a notch. Whether you're hosting a backyard graduation party or — gasp! — a wedding, these DIY centerpiece ideas bring just enough charm to your outdoor soiree. And the best part? They're SO easy to make. Look no further for inspiration — Hometalk has everything you need right here.

Whether you're celebrating a graduation, hosting an elegant garden party, or having a Pinterest-perfect backyard wedding, centerpieces are a great place to save money. On average, brides spend about $50 to $250 per table according to Brides.com. Though that’s the price tag for weddings, any centerpiece cost for a formal affair will get pretty steep pretty fast.

And why waste it? If you’ve got even a drop of creativity in your bones, you can easily turn mason jars, taper candles, terracotta pots, and just about anything else into gorgeous centerpieces that will charm your guests and give your wallet a break. Not to mention, these centerpieces are a blast to craft with friends, family, or wedding party members, and a great way to enjoy quality time with your honored guests before the big event.

1. Terracotta Flower Tower

Turn leftover terracotta pots into a rustic centerpiece filled with buds. Stack your tiers with little glass jars, so you can fill space and use less flowers, but still get a colorful and lively look.

Project via Marianne @Songbird

2. Tulips and 2x4 Scraps

Using scraps of 2x4’s, build these wooden frames, perfect for inexpensive tube vases that can hold one flower each. This design is a great way to create a full look with just a few flowers. If you want to add some variety, this would look lovely paired with a tall candle set in the center.

Project via Beckie @Infarrantly Creative

3. Buds in Bulbs

Upcycle old light bulbs by hanging them on sturdy sticks and branches, and turning them into bud vase chandeliers. This big-impact look is almost too cute and quirky, and it’s easy to adjust depending on the number and sizes or your tables.

Project via Libbie

4. Mason Jar Lineup

Infuse your backyard event with a bit of farmhouse charm, and save money doing it. Just turn a couple of mason jars (or any glass jars — they all work just as well) into a lovely line of springtime blossoms parading down the table.

Project via Tiffany @Offbeat and Inspired

5. Spray Painted Perfection

Collect all the glass bottles, jars, and bowls you can find, and give them a spray painted coat keeping with the event’s color scheme. This is a crazy easy and totally free way to make stunning centerpieces that are ideal for holding flowers, displaying candles, or covering with pictures.

Project via Tonya @Love of Family and Home

6. Moss, and Candles, and Ferns — Oh My!

Pick up a pack of long taper candles, and arrange them down your tables surrounded by delicate moss and small potted plants. After the party, gift your little pots of greenery as springtime favors.

Project via Leslie @Gwen Moss Blog

7. Eternal Initials

This centerpiece is the sweetest decor idea for engagement parties, bridal showers, or weddings. Get a birch bark vase, or make your own with an empty can and birch bark from your local craft store, and use a wood burning tool to personalize it with the couple’s initials.

Project via Nikki @Tikkido

8. Mossy Monogram

Whoever you’re celebrating, create moss monograms by covering their cardboard initials in moss or a craft store moss mat, mounting them on frames or stands, and arranging them on each table.

Project via Katie @Upcycled Treasures

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