What Your Favorite Nail Polish Color Or Design Says About You (Because #WearYourHeartOnYourNails)

Whoever it was that first created nail polish created a fascinating beauty product. The fun you can have with nail polish designs has become more and more creative, and I'm in awe of the cool "tips and tricks" videos that pop up on my Facebook feed from time to time.

Nail art is a fun way to accessorize any outfit and give it a fun pop of color(s). It's also a great way to express yourself — as nail colors tend to accentuate your attention to detail in putting together your ensemble.

The colors and designs are just as varied as people themselves, it seems, but I think that — just like a lot of our choices in life — our nail color preferences can say a lot about who we are and what kind of personality we have.

If you're interested to know what kind of person your nail art is letting the world know you are, look no further. I've taken nine basic nail fashions that generally apply to most women I've come across, and described my take on the traits associated with the look. You might find you fit into more than one category, which is obviously OK, and is probably the case for a lot of humans. But I'm sure you'll identify with at least one of them. It's not uncommon for most of us to go back to our favorite styles and colors, but it's fun to try to switch it up on occasion, too. So: What does your tried and true nail style say about you?

1. Natural Nails

If you'd rather go for the natural look or possibly some clear nail polish, you're probably the type of gal whose likely to not wear much makeup either. You're happy to spend your time doing other things when it comes to getting ready, and you don't find much use for pops of color anyway.

It may be that you don't feel like you can do your own nails very well, and you're too busy to spend time at the nail salon having it done for you.

2. DIY Patterns

If you're accustomed to doing your own unique and funky nail art at home, you're likely to have a few more nail tools than the average lady. Stickers, nail colors with special brushes, and a whole cabinet full of polishes aren't new to you, and you've become a pro at using them.

My guess is that you're creative and artistic in probably more than one way and find your own nail beds as blank canvases to re-envision every few days. You are probably just as creative in your wardrobe, and people come to you for great ideas!

3. Reds And Pinks

Whether you paint your nails yourself or get them done at the salon, if you find you're constantly going back to reds and pinks on your fingernails, I'd say you are a classic-type beauty. You may have a creative sense of style, but when it comes to your nails, you've got a penchant for the traditional and the romantic.

You just can't get enough of those sweet colors traditionally associated with love, and you don't see a point in changing up something that just works. I mean, if it ain't broke...

4. Blues And Greens

There are a ton of shades you could be using within this category, but generally speaking, blues and greens aren't your typical nail color and tend to be used (not always) as an alternative to a more normal style.

Remember when pretty much only goths used to wear black nail polish? Now the trend is far more encompassing than just that one style, and I'd say the same is true for darker blues and greens. Anyway, you're still the person who likes to break social norms and think outside the box.

5. Nail Wraps

Think Jamberry and the other brands of nail wraps. These are a less complicated way of getting cute patterns on your nails without having to do all the work. If you're mostly using this type of nail application, I'd say you've got a similar personality as the DIY Patterns girl, but you don't have the amount of time (and possibly patience) it takes to draw it on yourself.

You like convenience, and enjoy the latest ideas for anything in life. You're probably the first of your friends to have something new, and you're more than likely a trendsetter.

6. Pastels

You're convinced that pastel colors aren't just for spring and that white nail polish isn't just for summer. You're the type of person who adores the color of Easter eggs, but you find a way to make that work in every season. That ability to take something "out of season" and make it work translates into your everyday life, and you don't take "no" easily.

Your affection for light, candy-colors matches your cheery and friendly personality, and you're sure to be the social butterfly in your group of friends.

7. French Manicure

Another take on a classic look, you can't get passed the perfectly manicured and tidy look of a French mani. You're the type of lady, whether you do it yourself or have it done at a salon, who enjoys dressing up and feeling perfectly put together. It's hard for you to have an "off" day, because you like things to run smoothly and efficiently.

Though you may not have a look that screams "creativity and individuality," you're a class act and you probably find that many women look up to you.

8. Shellac

You love a polished, salon look, but you're a busy lady, too, so you're happy to use the best out there that won't chip and peel easily. Quality, not just easy style, is of the utmost importance to you, because you like to have things that last.

You probably take really good care of pretty much everything in your possession, and your friends marvel at how long you've had things because of how well you care for them.

9. Artificial Nails

Not to worry, the name of this category in no way suggests that you are fake. Instead, you're a bit of an extremist and if you see something that would be hard to come by naturally, you don't have a problem at all with getting the next best thing.

Lots of artificial nails are super pointed and long, and this suits you just fine. You love intensity in your look, and you're pretty much not afraid of anything. More power to you, girlfriend.

Images: Fotolia; venusphyscic, diy_nailart_ideas_, akiana, sujini_k, protectingmemories, amnsfld, blankaspieceofcake, shellac_nails_by_emily, naillovevn/Instagram