11 #ThickGirlAppreciationDay Tweets That Inspire

Trending topics on Twitter surface daily and they can either be very good or very horrible indicators of humanity (based on your own interpretation). When I first scrolled through the Tweets for the trending hashtag #ThickGirlAppreciationDay, I immediately smiled inside and out due to the beautiful photos and words from women and men across the globe. I have been keeping up with the body positive movement's efforts as of late, but this just put the icing on the cake. The hashtag is also a prime example of how everyone views the term "thick" differently because, you know, the way we perceive beauty and aesthetic characteristics is subjective.

Growing up, I was always told that I was "thick" or just a "little chunky." By my estimations, the term "thick" is often assigned to a person with a slim figure at their upper body but who has thick thighs, curvy hips, and a round butt. Realistically, though, it is almost impossible to have a flat stomach whilst having a huge butt and thick thighs (even if that's what the majority of these ridiculous beauty standards tell us to have). But that's a conversation for a different day.

For all those who have felt confused or stigmatized by the "thick" label, though, Twitter folks have helped quench insecurities and remind us that there is beauty in thickness (in all definitions of "thickness"). Women with flat and fuller stomachs, bigger and smaller butts, and thicker and a little-less-thick thighs have been posting pictures of their bodies shamelessly, and it is beautiful. So I rounded up 11 of the most empowering tweets from #ThickGirlAppreciationDay that prove we all needed this campaign.

1. The Crop Top/Wrap Skirt Babe

I admire her confidence as well as her beautiful curls and cute ensemble in this photo.

2. The Confident Gem

Her body shape is different than the woman's above, but reminds us that #ThickGirlAppreciationDay is for everyone. This woman's self love is beautiful, and helps display how inclusive the trending topic on Twitter actually is.

3. The Reactionary Meme


4. The Celebration Of The Curves

This photo is not your typical "perfect Instagram pic," but that is what makes me and hundreds of others on Twitter love it. Perfection is imperfection.

5. The Radiant Body Love

This beautiful woman has the prototypical "thick" body that many people associate with the term, because her upper body is slim and her lower body is thicker. And she is spreading body positivity by shamelessly showing off her curvier physique.

6. The Beauty Marks

I love when women show off their "beauty marks" such as stretch marks, cellulite, and other so-called imperfections that the majority of women face. It is just so beautiful that this woman is showing off her body without blurring her stretch marks out.

7. The Praise

Although I'm sure some people will argue that there's sexism to this Tweet, I choose to view it as a powerful thing. It is great to see men own up to their appreciation of "thick girls" instead of body shaming or trolling. People find "thick" women attractive, too. That's the simple reality.

8. The Necessity

I feel the same way, girl. Let's appreciate and spread love to thick babes every day.

9. The Applause

Again, some could argue that asking a woman to show off her stretch marks is no less sexist than asking a woman to show off her ta-tas. But because traits like stretch marks have become so taboo in society, coming across people who see the beauty in them is all the more special.

10. The Everything Pic

This woman is on fire. Showing off her curves in truly body pos style, she tells viewers to "eat it" — which I'm choosing to view as an eff you to boring beauty standards and a celebration for the fact that there is no one right way to be a woman.

11. The Whole Point

As we should all be!

Images: pauleyaaron, Kingjustin_, TheMayowaWalker, Samoneeeb_, Trilluminnaughty, irrelevantgatto, Malahbooyow, PeadaPipper, Rachaelharris1_, ComputerThug, PushaTiff/Twitter