18 Best Moments From The New 'Point Break' Trailer

Did anyone else forget for a moment that they're remaking the 1991 movie Point Break? Well, hang on to your seats, people, because the trailer for the Point Break remake is out, and I couldn't be more excited, because this thing looks amazing. The original starred Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, the former as an undercover FBI agent, and the latter as the leader of a gang of surfers that Reeves infiltrates in the hopes of proving their involvement in a series of bank robberies. Basically, the pattern of the crimes makes it seem like they've been perpetrated by world-class athletes, so, in the process of finding out who's responsible, we get to see a bunch of insane surfing feats, which made it the ideal storyline for an action thriller.

And it looks like, if anything, they've only doubled down on that harder in the remake, due out this December. In addition to surfing, we also see sky-diving, motorcycle-riding, rock-climbing, snowboarding, and just general sports-related bad-assery. There isn't anyone too famous in the film, especially since Gerard Butler backed out citing conflicts, but the action sequences look so strong so far that you don't really need a famous face in front of them. It's really all about remaking a cult classic from the '90s, and looking damn good doing it.

Here are the most thrilling moments from the trailer so far.

I'm a sucker for people jumping out of the back of airplanes, so I'm immediately on board.


Oh, just some money exploding outward after being freed from its bindings STILL IN MIDAIR.

Hey nice shot, the opening of that underground cave is a very small target.

Oh hell yes.

We be jumping through windows and everything!

Hard to tell, but there's a guy in this shot hanging from a sheer cliff by just his hand.

Um, yeah.


Oh, sure, just riding down a mountain on a motorcycle, fleeing a deadly avalanche that you caused with your TNT.

Jumping onto the top of a gondola lift, aka just your average Wednesday.

I feel like you're NOT supposed to surf in a storm, but what do I know?

Just loving the scenery at this point, to be honest.

Flying squirrels!

Shut up, look how close they are to the ground.


Not the solution I think I'd come up with to the problem of my friend falling off a ledge, but okay!

Check out the trailer below.

Image: YouTube (18)