Kim Kardashian Has Channelled Classic Icons Before

by Julia Guerra

Kim Kardashian just might break the internet once again as the reality star is back to blonde, posing in a platinum wig as Kim-gone-Marilyn on the cover of Vogue Brazil. The reality star landed her first Vogue cover last year alongside hubby Kanye West, but this time she’s posing solo, channeling who other than America’s favorite 1950's sex symbol?

This may not be the first time Kim Kardashian has imitated her favorite industry icons, but it's definitely my favorite of the reality star's replicas. Kim Kardashian is sexy and you know it, and who better to emulate than Marilyn Monroe, who to this day remains the all-American sex symbol — cue photos of her classic white dress blowing to and fro, giving us a sneak peek at her curve-a-licious legs. Both women have a bit of an attitude and are the perfect example of what it is to be confident in one's skin. I also just adore a blonde Kardashian. In any case, Kim as Audrey Hepburn was cute, Kim as Elizabeth Taylor was a bit of a stretch. Kim as Marilyn? It just works, and she looks good.

Of course, what would a Kim Kardashian shoot be without a little cleavage? From one historic sex symbol to the next, you didn't really think combining Kim Kardashian with Marilyn Monroe would result in total coverage, did you?

The fashion glossy’s dual cover features the faux-blonde bombshell in a black turtle neck crop top and pant combo while another photo captures a shirtless Kim K lying on a cheetah print blanket with one black-gloved hand through her platinum curls, the other shielding her chest from the camera.

I applaud Vogue Brazil's success on taking our generation's arguably most successful sex-tape-star-turned-businesswoman and transforming her into the 1950's most iconic bombshell. Definitely one of her better imitations. Check out five other times Kim Kardashian may or may not have succeeded in mimicking classic celebs.

1. Kim K as Audrey Hepburn

Kardashian meets Hepburn in the reality star's shoot as the Breakfast at Tiffany's actress. I personally think she looks adorable in her high pony tail and — gasp! — flats.

2. Kim K as Dianna Ross

Retro glam Kim? I don't exactly love it, but I don't exactly hate it.

3. Kim K as Elizabeth Taylor

Give me a fancy rock and a towel. I can do that too.

4. Kim K as Cher

Totally twinning. I love everything about this.

5. Kim K as Madonna

Just take a quick scroll up back to Kim's topless cover for Vogue Brazil. Marilyn or Madonna? I'll let you decide.