Cambridge Satchel Company Partners With Vivienne Westwood, Becomes Infinitely Cooler

In terms of well-crafted basics, no designer approaches The Cambridge Satchel company, whose leather handbags are the pinnacle of affordable luxury. And the company's wares are only becoming more covetable, because come July, The Cambridge Satchel Company will debut a Vivienne Westwood-designed line for consumers who enjoy streamlined pieces with an unexpected pop of pattern, Women's Wear Daily reports.

Though vastly divergent on first glance, The Cambridge Satchel company's founder Julie Deane and Westwood share an affinity for their native British culture and a keen eye for design. Such commonalities first aligned the duo in 2013, when Westwood lent her signature squiggle pattern to The Cambridge Satchel Company's autumn line. Two years later, the partnership is back with a vengeance. Though the latest handbag collection utilizes Westwood's squiggle pattern, the hues are far more experimental.

Available in three styles including the Tiny satchel, the Music Bag satchel, and the Classic 14-inch satchel, the handbags are rendered in shades of peach, dove grey, black, and saffron. With a price range between $180 and $380, the collection is well within reach for those looking to expand their handbag collection without approaching the sometimes prohibitive prices of Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

A subtle collection, it is not; however, street style mavens looking to make a statement with their accessories will fall for Westwood's signature punk appeal combined with The Cambridge Satchel Company's classic, streamlined designs.

"Whenever we do a collaboration, it’s really important you see both parents. If you look at the pirate boot and then you look at [the bags], you realize instantly where [the inspiration] has come from,” Deane explained to Women's Wear Daily. And what could be better for one's wardrobe than a timeless silhouette rendered in a rebellious pattern?

Image: camsatchelco /Instagram