Barneys New Shoppable App May Be The Most Addictive Mobile Fashion Tool Yet

Possessing the ability to access the entire contents of a department store with a few keystrokes is an exercise in self-restraint, and it's about to become a much more challenging feat. announced that luxury retailer Barneys has debuted a shoppable iPhone app for consumers who adore the store but simply don't have the time — or Frequent Flyer Miles — to pop in for a lunch break browse. The app offers consumers the opportunity to shop the store's vast assortment of covetable designer wares from the convenience of their home, office, or subway seat.

The app owes its streamlined design and functionality to the mobile app design company Fueled, whose previous successes include KeyMe, Happify, and the Discovery Communications app. The company is also responsible for Barneys' iPad app, which was first fashioned in 2014 after the brand saw a window of opportunity to catch consumers on the go. Mobile shoppers can expect a similarly simple yet impactful aesthetic, a similar abundance of designer resources to those found in-store, and a streamlined check-out process.

If you happen to enjoy making designer purchases with a few strategic swipes, download Barneys' iPhone app — at your own risk.