Bristol Palin Speaks About Canceling Her Wedding To Dakota Meyer In An Emotional Message

In a short, emotional blog post, Bristol Palin addressed the cancellation of her wedding to Sgt. Dakota Meyer. The message, entitled "The Wedding That Didn't Happen," thanked readers for love and support and said, "When I first got engaged, you were the first ones I wanted to tell. I guess you have seen by now that the wedding — that was supposed to happen last weekend — was called off."

Palin and Meyer got engaged last March at a Rascal Flatts concert in Las Vegas, according to The Washington Post. Sarah Palin posted an excited message on Facebook in March, announcing her happiness for the couple. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Meyer is a recipient of the Medal of Honor. The wedding was to be held last week. Her blog post read:

I guess you have seen by now that the wedding — that was supposed to happen last weekend — was called off. I’m sure you’ve seen this has been all over the media, but this is a painful time for family and friends and I would just really appreciate your prayers.

I know God’s plan is greater than anything else, and Tripp and I are in Alaska beginning to rebuild our lives under much different circumstances than we anticipated.

The reasons for the separation are unclear, and Palin will return to Alaska with her six-year-old son Tripp. The couple met during the filming of Sarah Palin's outdoors-themed reality TV show Amazing America. Palin made many television appearances after her mother's race to be the country's vice president. She was a contestant in the fall 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars and, for a short period in 2012, had her own reality TV show on Lifetime called Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp. The show became a point of contention between Palin and her son's father, Levi Johnston.

When Johnston published his book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs, in 2011, Palin was in the news again, as Johnston claimed there were inconsistencies between what the Palin family publicly said about his relationship with Palin and what actually happened. Johnston appeared on The Tyra Banks Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, The Early Show News, The Wendy Williams Show, and more. All the details about their custody and child support issues were available for audiences to read from gossip websites and magazines.

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The Palin family received criticism in 2008 when the governor announced Bristol's pregnancy, who was only 17 at the time. Sarah's conservative, family-friendly image was believed to be tarnished by some of her critics. "Family values" are an important idea in campaigns, according to The Western Journal of Communication. At the conventions for the 2012 presidential race, "family" was the fourth most used word or phrase, after "jobs," "Romney," and "Obama," according to The New York Times. Democrats mentioned families 66 times per 25,000 words, and republicans mentioned them 54 times per 25,000 words. Bristol Palin's life, along with the lives of every Palin, McCain, Obama, and Biden, changed in 2008 and came under close scrutiny by the country.

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