Resale Site Vestiaire Collective Offers Tips For Spotting A Fashion Knockoff, Because It's Harder Than It Looks

There are about a million consignment shops in New York City, and even more vintage shops, just in East Village alone. And each time I stroll in a store, I'm brought to my happy place, as I see rows and rows of vintage or lightly used Chanel bags, LV weekenders, and Manolos, but I'm brought back to reality real quick—how do you know which ones are real, and which is a plain counterfeit? Luckily, with Vestiaire Collective's tips for how to spot a fashion knockoff, you can become an expert on differentiating real versus fake.

Vestiaire Collective is an online luxury resale website that just launched last year. According to, they receive more than 3,000 designer pieces each day, so it's safe to say they know what they're talking about. Head over to their site, and you'll see the Hermès kelly handbag, Valentino rockstuds heels, Givenchy leather sandals, and gorgeous leather Chanel flats.

While everything on their website is real, they estimate that 61% of shoppers buy fake items online. Yikes. To guarantee that everything is authentic, the online retailer works with top design houses to "confirm the authenticity" and also employ a "team of top-tier specialists to examine each piece," according to

So how exactly do you spot a fake? Here are a few tips, courtesy of Vestiaire:


1. Stitching

"The stitching is often a giveaway. Look for lack of precision or slanted stitching."

2. The Label

"Check the authenticity card. Look for language mistakes; make sure the number on the card matches the exact serial number on the inside tag of the bag. For brands like Chanel, the authenticity card should have a holographic Chanel logo on it and the card should be weighty if it’s a newer model."


3. The Carrying Case

"Check the protective carrying case the bag came with. Again, does the font type and size match up with the brand’s signature logo? Does it have the band on it at all? These can be strong giveaways it’s not a legitimate designer bag."


For the rest of the list, head to's breakdown. Most stem from common sense and trusting your instinct. Happy and safe hunting, people!

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