Cheap &thes Chic Is Renamed Boutique Moschino

by Eliza Florendo

Jeremy Scott has been quite the busy bee this past year, from designing all of Katy Perry's look for the Super Bowl to putting together some killer collections each season. It looks like he's developing the brand even more, as Moschino's Cheap & Chic label is being renamed to Boutique Moschino.

For some history, Moschino actually has several labels. Moschino is the women's and men's main line, while Cheap & Chic is a women's secondary line, which was created in 1988. Alessandro Varisco, chief executive officer of the brand, believes that Jeremy Scott has "improved the brand perception" and has targeted a younger consumer. Varisco believed that the Cheap & Chic brand had become dated, and was looking for a change.

“This is a radical moment of change for Moschino,” Varisco told WWD.

The shiny, reinvented label will target a younger customer, that's described as leading "a busy working and personal life." Varisco said, "She is not as fashion addicted and irony remains key to Boutique Moschino, as well. This is an aspirational line but still reflects Franco’s mantra and his customer’s motto: I am what I am."

And with a younger customer comes a different price point. Boutique Moschino will be priced 30 to 40 percent less than the brand's main line, according to WWD. Other changes include focusing only on a women's line, and pulling away from showing on the runways, as Cheap & Chic has in the past, saying it's "premature."

With a lower price point, it seems as if I will have the opportunity to flock towards the brand's quirky pieces even more. The brand's fun, red and blue motif in polka dots, stripes, and piping is perfect for the working girl that's looking for a little punch in her outfit.

Images: @fabulizemag/Twitter