Chris Pratt Is So Adorable It Hurts

I know, I know: Everyone on this planet with a heart and a capacity for love thinks that Chris Pratt is cute. Myself included! However, I think it's time we really sit down and take a moment to recognize just how cute Chris Pratt is, inside and out. Rather than following typical star protocol by being perfect all the time, he is always unapologetically himself — and even the things he does that might be perceived as awkward or boring if done by anyone else just seem adorable when Pratt does them. Like, for instance: on his Facebook, Pratt posted a video of him and his son reciting the Pledge of Allegiance — and I'm not even saying this with bias, the clip absolutely gives new life to the morning announcement that most of us recited for the entirety of our school careers.

But that's not all the video did: No, while watching that little shred of perfection, it was so adorable that my heart actually constricted and I had to grip my chest to make sure my most important organ was still, in fact, beating. There is that old saying that suggests that there can be, "too much of a good thing." And, yes, unfortunately, Pratt's adorableness is even applicable to that statement — his latest Facebook post a testament to that. What I'm trying to say here is, sometimes, Pratt is so perfect and wonderful and adorable that it actually hurts. Pratt's cuteness is dangerous, and I'm here to prove it.

Exhibit A:


When He Did THIS

*Labored breathing* *Takes a puff of inhaler*

When Nonchalantly Played Guiltar On His Front Stoop


When He Had A Mean Girls "Grool" Moment

Someone call the grammar police before any more permanent damage to my soul can be done.

When He Got Excited About A Rainy Red Carpet After Getting All Dolled Up

He's...so...wonderful and easy going... cannot handle it...

When He Failed At Making A Dirty Joke

That face! *Clenches fists*

When He Got Super Into Character To Cheer Up Patients At A Children's Hospital

This one is an existential pain, because it really makes you realizn that there aren't enough people like him out there.

When He Shared This Cuddle Session

*Grits teeth* *Braces self on nearby steady surface* *Heart explodes*