Natalie Portman's Skincare Secret Is Simple

Being a red carpet goddess one minute and a no-makeup mom the next is the kind of multi-tasking that makes us love Natalie Portman. She's real about her craft, and real about her home life, and in a recent interview with InStyle, the Oscar-winning actress opened up about her surprisingly simple beauty routine. Natalie Portman says being vegan is her skincare secret and admits to sleeping on wet hair and ditching manicures because she doesn't have the time.

Portman's minimal beauty lifestyle is all thanks to her time spent in France and being inspired by the very chic French women, of course.

"There's this innate chic that French women have; they just know how to tie their scarf right, the right length of the pants with the shoes, " Portman told InStyle. "Makeup is very minimal. And the hair has that slept-in look, like you got a blow-dry three days ago. I'm slowly trying to pick it up."

No makeup means the need for on-point skin. She credits her perfect, baby-smooth complexion to good hydration and a clean diet. "Diet is a big part of it. I'm vegan, and I drink a lot of water. If I have dairy, I break out immediately."

While H2O tops her priority list, there are some beauty routines that tend to fall by the wayside when you're a working mom. She takes necessary beauty shortcuts to stay pretty without the added stress of long hours in the glam room.

"Manicures are the first thing to go; it's hard to justify spending an hour a week on that when you've got work, a child, a husband, and friends," Portman said. "Also, I have difficult, curly hair, so I either blow-dry it after my kid goes to bed, or sleep on it wet. Then it isn't as wild the next day."

For more on Portman's beauty inspiration and favorite products, head over to InStyle for the full interview.