Bellabeat's Charm Tracks Your Health For You

Here's one wearable technology that might come in handy. Bellabeat has created LEAF, a smart charm that has health tracking technology and can monitor your stress levels, physical activity, sleep patterns, and even your ovulation schedule. The charm is connected to the LEAF app that allows you to monitor your health. Consider it your own personal life coach.

The charm detects stress by measuring the rise and fall of your chest as you breath, tracking patterns and syncing them with your stress level entries, to eventually learn how your breathing correlates with stress, sending you warnings in the future. When it comes to monitoring your physical activity and sleep, the LEAF is much like a FitBit, simply tracking your movements.

Now the real question is: How does this charm tell you when you're ovulating? It really doesn't. It tracks your reproductive cycle based on what you tell it, so it's really not as creepy as you might have originally thought.

Bellabeat just released a limited edition LEAF charm which boasts a nature-inspired design made "with sustainably sourced 7,000-year-old dark Marshwood and embellished with gold leaf plating." You can attach this charm to any piece of jewelry you currently own or leave it on the original silver chain.

“The limited edition LEAF is designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious female who wants to monitor her lifestyle and health without compromising her style,” said Urška Sršen, Co-founder and CCO of Bellabeat. “This feminine piece of nature-inspired smart jewelry seamlessly integrates into women’s busy lives, giving them the tools to stay healthy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Images: Bellabeat (3)