Katie Holmes Does This Before Getting Ready

It's not exactly a secret that water has ridiculous health benefits. The wet stuff can help improve everything from your skin to your eyes, and the truth is that we should probably all be drinking more of it especially since water is Katie Holmes's beauty trick. I have to say, It's totally working for the gorgeous mom and actress.

Holmes sat down with Into the Gloss to reveal some of her best beauty tricks, and her consuming a liter a water today was one of the first mentioned. The actress values sleep— who doesn't?— and has learned to get ready in twenty minutes, but water seems to be her top priority. Holmes says, "My schedule is pretty busy, so I've learned to do my makeup quickly because I prefer to sleep...I'll wait until the very last minute to wake up and get ready in about 20 minutes. First thing, I drink about a liter of water." Chugging that much water first thing in the morning is no joke, but it has definitely added to the youthful glow Holmes has going on both onscreen and off.

Suri's mom is also dropping some serious product knowledge when talking about some of her beauty routines. Holmes explains that she heavily relies on Olay products since she grew up seeing her family members use them. She explains, "I use Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser, and that really helps with the surface of my skin. I do that in the morning and at night, and then I use Olay Active Hydrating Cream to moisturize. I’ve been using Olay for many, many years..."

The Hollywood stunner clearly takes care of her skin, and that appears to be true even when it comes to her makeup routine which is incredibly simple. "In the summertime," Holmes says, "It’s all about putting the sunscreen on, then some mascara and maybe a light eyeshadow that's in the same shade range as my lipstick—something really natural. Tom Ford has a good lipstick called Blush Nude. I also like using Chanel's Lèvres Scintillantes lip gloss." Basically, Holmes has some awesome taste in cosmetics, and her simple beauty tricks are easy for anyone to attain. If you're interested in rocking Katie's natural, effortless look, be sure to check out the products she uses.

1. Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser

$8.99, Olay

2. Olay Hydrating Facial Cream

$6.49, Olay

3. Chanel Levres Scintillantes Lipgloss

$30, Chanel

Images: Courtesy of Brands