12 Outdoor Decorations For Summer That Bring A Little Extra Festivity To Your Backyard Oasis

Warm weather means spending more time in our outside spaces, whether they may be sprawling backyards, teeny tiny patios, or cool rooftops. The smallest yard can be made even more enjoyable with the addition of some pretty outdoor decorations. Forget about the cheesy plastic flamingos and gnome sculptures — we're talking about décor that actually looks good.

The addition of a few fun pillows or a miniature herb garden can do a lot to invigorate an outdoor space, and with the right products, any outdoor area can become a summertime retreat — even if it's steps away from your door. Flip through the slideshow to see the décor we'd like to add to our yard.


Sun Catcher Mobile

You can’t go wrong with a simple yet colorful piece of décor. This bohemian suncatcher is the perfect mix of unique and classic.

Sun Catcher mobile, $75,

Recycled Patriotic Lights

Made out of collected shotgun shells, these red, white, and blue string lights give an all-American vibe to any outdoor space.

String lights, $28,

Garden Markers

Properly label your herbs with hand-stamped markers for a rustic-inspired DIY touch.

Garden Markers, $24,

Checked Bunting

Deck out your summer barbecue party with some festive red, blue, and yellow bunting.

Bunting, $19,

Moroccan-Inspired Lantern

Light up your space with a turquoise lantern that adds some cozy charm to even the tiniest patio.

Lanter, $52,

Macrame Plant Hanger

If you don’t have a ton of room for a garden, add some green to your outdoor area in a unique way, with the help of this macrame hanger.

Plant hanger, $14.99,

Orange Patterned Pillow

No outdoor furniture could possibly be boring with the addition of a colorful, outdoor-friendly pillow.

Pillow, $17,

Glass Bottle Bird Feeder

Support your local wildlife while adding a cool touch to your yard with an elegant glass bird feeder.

Bird feeder, $15,

Herb Garden Planter

Keep your greens organized in a confined space with a rustic planter, complete with four mason jars. Start your herb garden, and then make plenty of herb-based cocktails all summer long.

Planter, $49,

White Patio Lights

You simply can’t go wrong with classic white lights. You’ll want to keep these beauties lit all year long.

Lights, $12,

Summer Teardrop Wreath

This elegant wreath may just be one of the most refined door hangings we’ve come across.

Wreath, $75,

Colorful Burlap Pillow

Prop this pillow on a patio swing or a loveseat for an instant outdoor décor upgrade.

Pillow, $17.45,