Will The Louie Season 6 Premiere Happen? We Need Way More Of His Relationship With Pamela

It took me a little bit to warm up to the FX series Louie, but now there's so much I love about it. I adore how much star Louis C.K. loves his daughters (on and off screen), its smart, emotional, and dark humor, and especially Louie and Pamela's odd, off-beat relationship. The critically acclaimed comedy series airs its Season 5 finale May 28, and it has me wondering when and if Louie will return for Season 6. I want to know when I can see where Pamela and Louie's kinda, sorta relationship goes next. There's no word yet from FX on whether the show will return for its sixth season, but considering the Emmy-winning comedy usually airs new episodes in the spring/summer, I think it's a safe bet that the series will be back next spring — and that means a lot more Pamela could be coming our way.

Louie has always carried a torch for the indecisive and quirky Pamela (played by show producer Pamela Adlon). This season, Louie and Pamela actually began a (kind of) relationship after she semi-decided to date him at the end of Season 4 — and they've had their ups and downs since. A few weeks ago, she told him they should be just friends when she realized he wanted more from their quasi-relationship, but in a later episode they admitted to missing each other and attempted phone sex, so who knows where they stand now? I can only imagine what lies ahead for them.

A Trip Together — And Apart

What if Pamela somehow went on the road with Louie? Usually their time together always ends with her retreating and wanting to get away from him, but on a trip, that would be hard to do.

Louie Accidentally Meets Pamela's Family

I feel like every instance of intimacy that has ever occurred between Louie and Pamela has been accidental. So I can see Louie dropping by her place one day for a simple reason (returning something, perhaps) and stumbling into meeting Pamela's family. She would force him into hanging out with them, not realizing that this is a big step.

Louie's Has A New Friend That Pamela Hates

Let's say Pamela and Louie are still technically broken up. One day, Louie meets another lady comedian that he gets along with really well and they get coffee. They're spotted by Pamela, who is not happy to see this — that woman just happens to be her sworn enemy. Pamela demands that Louie stay loyal to her, because he's known Pamela longer. But Louie says they're just friends. What a dilemma.

Pamela Goes On A Date With Bobby

Louie's brother Bobby has a hot date with a woman — and it turns out to be Pamela. Louie would not like this one bit, but I just want to see Pamela and Bobby interact with each other.

Pamela Moves In With Louie

Through a mishap at her own apartment, Pamela decides she's going to stay in Louie's place for a bit, until hers is fixed. Lots of boundaries will be blurred here.

A Most Confusing Marriage

Maybe this won't be for Season 6, but the end of the series. What if Pamela told Louie she wanted to marry him? I could see this going one of two ways: He'd either rush to get that marriage license, or he'd finally say no to her. That marriage is something he can't be jerked around, because it would involve his daughters.

Either way, I'm totally looking forward to Louie next season and beyond.

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