Coco Rocha's Daughter Is Already A Fashion Star

Coco Rocha is still in nesting mode with her newborn daughter Ioni, who was born just over two months ago. She has been sharing tons of pics of precious little Ioni on her Instagram feed and while I've learned that motherhood agrees with the model, it's also obvious that Coco Rocha's daughter is already fashionable.

Scoot over, North West, with your leather leggings, your Doc Martens, and your label lust, and make room on the celeb kid fashion food chain, because Ioni has equally impeccable style.

Rocha shared the cutest video while singing to her infant daughter, who was dressed in a black Blondie onesie and with a matching bow headband, complete with a pink binky stuffed in her mouth. You can't go wrong with a Debbie Harry onesie, since the singer is a rock 'n' roll style icon, but topping the ensemble off with a bowed headband? That's flawless.

With Ioni, it's all about those headbands!

It's refreshing to see a young and stylish celeb mom dress her daughter in cute but realistic clothes. (Sorry not sorry, Kim!) Since Ioni has little more than peach fuzz covering her noggin, the headbands dress up her outfits in an appropriate way, since they call more attention to that sweet face.

What a cute mini rocker outfit! Here's five other times that Coco Rocha made Ioni a well-dressed tot.

1. Accessories

The headbands go with everything.

2. Prints

Mommy and baby in matching black and white prints. Check out Ioni's pants. Too cute.

3. Mini Menswear

OMG, I can't. Rocha mixed mini menswear with a pink hair bow and a black bow tie. It was a lovely mix of gender neutrality.

4. Denim Girl

A frilly dress and a matching headband... clearly, Ioni's headgear is her thing. Well, Coco's thing, and her thing by proxy.

5. Poppin' Collars

Or talkin' to the hand? What a sassy, message-driven onesie.

Ioni was born in late March and in just two months, she has already ascended the ranks to one of the most fashionable, yet realistically dressed, celeb infants I've ever seen.

You can follow Miss Ioni Conran's fashion exploits via her very own Instagram, too.

Images: Coco Rocha/Instagram (5)