Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Poses For 'Lui' Cover Nearly Naked With Clear Raincoat

Some celebs are almost always in glamazon mode. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley got nearly nearly naked on the cover of Lui for its June 2015 issue, save for a clear, plastic raincoat and a strategically placed hand. She is one of those "always glam" celebs, but she does it her way. RH-W also bared all for the mag's inside shots, with one her main accessories being a faux golden snake. Slithery!

It's worth remembering that this is the same European magazine that Rihanna bared her pierced nipples for, and she then took a time out on Instagram due to the fallout since she broke the rules by posting such revealing shots.

But back to cracklin' Rosie, who gives off a fierce, Mad Max-appropriate stare.

Sure, the spread shots of her naked silhouette and her killer body will make men drool and women gawk, since the model and actress looks like a work of art. But let's not overlook the actual cover, which is equally as striking. With her slicked back pompadour, RH-W rocks an androgynous 'do.

Her lips and nails are painted a blood red shade and a hand is placed over her lady parts. But she is cloaked in an clear, plastic raincoat with black piping and a belt with a bow, and you see skin and underboob.

Ignoring the fact that she is smoking, since that's bad for your health, Huntington-Whitely does inhabit the "total badass" role with this strong image. You think you are seeing a lot, but you aren't, and therein lies the sexiness and the optical illusion.


Since the Lui cover presents such a fierce and stoic image of Huntington-Whiteley, let's look back at the softer, sweeter side of the model. Like here.


Or here! Always glam, always gorge! But I do like seeing her get tough without sacrificing strength or femininity, like she did on the Lui cover.

Images: Lui (1); Getty (2)