Amy Robach Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis on 'Good Morning America'

Good Morning America has managed to trump NBC's Today with its sunnier disposition, but, on Monday, ABC's morning news program took a bit of a darker turn. During a segment on Good Morning America, ABC News correspondent Amy Robach revealed she has breast cancer, and will be undergoing a double mastectomy.

Said Robach on Good Morning America, "The diagnosis that's still hard for me to say out loud. I have breast cancer ... I know that I have a fight ahead of me. But I also know that I have a lot worth fighting for."

It's the second time the Good Morning America family has been plagued with health problems. Anchor Robin Roberts not only was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, but the newswoman told viewers in 2012 that she was also suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome, a blood disease that required Roberts to get a bone marrow transplant. Wrote Roberts at the time of the diagnosis:

It seems those good wishes were contagious on the set of Good Morning America. In fact, Robach said the only reason she caught her cancer was because Roberts urged her to monitor her health and get tested on camera for the disease. Said Robach:

Robach's candor discussing her disorder seems to indicate the newswoman will continue to share her progress following her diagnosis, and hopefully quick recovery. But, until then, it's clear the Good Morning America team is happy to continue to stick together, through good times (and high ratings) and bad: