11 Most Surprising Moments In Hip Hop, 2013

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If the '90s taught us anything, it was that fans of hip hop should grow accustomed to expecting the unexpected. The world was still slowly recovering from parachute pants, we were still in the throes of Run-DMC, and we were coming to terms with the new hip hop that was emerging — a genre that was more about guns, girls, and cognac than anything else.

As the '90s turned into the early 2000s (a golden age for rap if you're a massive Nelly fan like myself), we saw gangster rap become the only kind of mainstream rap available, as more and more wordsmiths rose from the streets of Compton, Detroit, Chi-town, and Brooklyn.

So it makes sense that, at some point, a rap revolution was coming. (A rapolution, if you will. Just go with it.) And if the events of this year are anything to go by, if the revolution hasn't already arrived, it's coming, and quickly. New styles of hip hop emerged, huge superstars reinvented themselves, and many, many hip hop artists made huge asses of themselves. It's been a big year people. Very big. Can ya smell the rapolution yet? (It probably smells like a mix of weed, brand-new leather sneakers, and Chris Brown's sadness.) It's time to look back at the 11 most surprising moments in hip hop this 2013. Starting with...

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