Kids React To People Dropping Their Wallets In Japan, And Their Cuteness Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity — VIDEO

It's really such a nice concept that people—even small children—are inherently good. That humans have an inner, gooey core that leads them in an honest direction. It's easy to think otherwise, with tragedy surfacing with alarming and disappointing frequency. Occasionally an effort to illuminate the prettier side of people pops up and faith in humanity is restored. Today marks another side of that: A rising generation of kind humans. This video shows children reacting to adults dropping their wallets on a Japanese train platform and...guys, I feel gutted in the best way possible.

Parents, honestly, can only do so much. Don't get me wrong—although I am not a parent, I have insane heaps of respect for them. But I also recognize the fact that any human's control or impact over another human's life and actions is somewhat limited. As such, parents (I imagine) hope and work to raise a helpful, congenial, good little human in their parental efforts. They can try to instill manners, respect, decency, but regardless of how hard they make that push, it boils down to the offspring and how they choose to act. And how these kids act without their folks peering over them, nonverbally pushing their influence and lessons, is the truly revealing part. So how does a slew of children react when strangers drop their wallets?

It seems like this could be one way to ultimately test a parent's potency in parenting. Like, give the kids the scoop and training and you're all, then...sit back and see? Well, let's see:

I really flip-flop on my opinions on motherhood for myself. It seems like a lot of work (obvs) with questionable pay off (your kid could possibly just point-blank suck). But these kids? I want them all. Behold, though, my favorite child of the bunch with his little Steve Zissou cap and courtesy:

Are you dead yet? I'm getting there. Or at least my ovaries are screaming. There's also this cutie:

It's unreal. Each child profiled in this video did "the right thing" and in an insanely adorable way (perhaps their default setting). See the whole thing below:

Images: YouTube(5)