Why Dyeing Your Hair Red Is Something Everyone Should Try At Least Once

When celebrity stylist Betsy Reyes first met me, I was a DIY art student who cut my hair with craft scissors, and I had just been chosen for a regional hair show. "I'm giving you red hair," she said after a scan of my mane, my face, and then my mane again. "Everybody should go red at least once." Though my initial reaction was to yelp, I trusted the professional and consented. This woman did the hair on Gossip Girl, after all. If anyone knew how to make locks gorgeous, it was her.

What followed was a long night with Betsy and her assistants fussing, preening, and transforming, but when it was all through, I remember swiveling around in that chair and beaming. Talk about a makeover! I had joined the ranks of fabulous redheads everywhere, from Amelia Pond of Dr. Who fame to Joan Holloway of Mad Men glory.

After the hair show the next morning, I skipped to my car. The redhead bug had bitten me. While I am not a redhead at present (out of sheer laziness to maintain the color, honestly), I would definitely try the I Love Lucy look again.

I fully believe that everyone should try the ginger route, even if it doesn't prove to be your forever shade. Here's why all of us should spring for red hair at least once in our lives.

1. Red hair makes your features glow.

Whether you choose a bright carrot orange or a subtler auburn, the right red for you will warm up your face, and that's a pick-me-up we all deserve. Imagine if romantic candlelight followed you around wherever you went; that's sort of the same effect a flatting red has on your complexion. And if you're breaking out? The good news is that your hair will detract attention from your skin because it will, in fact, be redder. I was delighted to notice that red hair steered one's eyes from my less-than-bright white teeth.

2. Red hair makes you stand out.

In a sea of brunettes and blondes, even more nuanced tones of red set you apart from the crowd. Red hair is like that statement piece you'll never forget to put on in the morning. In my days as a redhead, even when I threw my hair up into a ponytail, I got compliments. Bangs and braids are great, but, with red hair, you already have a show-stopper. Do more only if you want more show-stopping action. For additional impact, go brighter (and maybe add a little glaze, too.)

3. Red hair boosts your confidence.

When all eyes are you, it's hard not to stand tall and hold your head high. Looking back on candid photos of myself as a redhead, I was all smiles and good posture. Red hair might just give you the guts to ask for that promotion or tell somebody exactly what they need to hear. So speak up! We're listening.

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