8 Signs You're The Loki Of Your Friend Group, Not That Being A Mischievous Trickster Super-Villain Is A Bad Thing

Loki gets a bad rep. Sure, he tried to stage a hostile takeover of Earth that one time, but who hasn't had a bad day and contemplated global domination? If you found yourself nodding yes to that last sentence, then you might be the Loki of your friend group. Don't panic. That does not mean you're evil. (Loki's not evil — he's complicated.) It just means you are an interesting character, and there is nothing wrong with that. Being the Loki of your friend group is just as cool as being the Captain America, Black Widow, or Iron Man, and it's way better than being The Hulk — moody much?

As the Loki, your position within your group is likely ever-evolving. Loki can go from being the beloved little brother of Thor to a villain to an ally in lightening speed. He is the ultimate chameleon, and, while he would probably say he has no friends— hazards of taking on the supervillain role — I think it is safe to say his bestie will always be Thor, even when they are trying to kill each other.

Are you ready to take the plunge and find out if you are the Loki among your friends? Read on to find out if you are true Loki material.

You Have Family Issues and You Talk About Them... A Lot

Is your family life complicated? So complicated that you spend hours complaining about how your parents totally love your brother more than they love you, or how your dad bonds with your bro over football, but has never bothered to try reading Vonnegut even though he knows Vonnegut is your jam?

You Refuse to Throw All of Your Loyalty Behind a Single BFF

You are not a fan of putting all of your eggs in one basket. Having a BFF is such an outmoded way of thinking as far as you are concerned. Like Loki, you form alliances only when they are needed. For instance, if Jill has tickets to the Drake concert, then Jill is your BFF for the day, but if Jack shows up needing a wingwoman for a new club opening, then you are totally there for him.

You're the Resident Prankster

Loki is the ultimate trickster, and, while he pulls off his schemes with the help of magic, you take a more old school approach to pulling pranks. Your friends hate being the target of one of your legendary jokes, but they love when your wonderfully warped sense of humor is directed at someone else. The one thing they can all agree on is that you are the master of pranks, and it is impossible to get you back.

You Are Often Called the "Smart One"

Your mind is as sharp as Loki's staff, and your friends recognize your genius by bestowing onto you the title of the "smart one." When they need help with work or an essay or Trivia Crack, you are always their phone a friend because your knowledge is vast.

When You're In a Bad Mood, Your Friends Give You Space

Some people like to be consoled when they are in a bad mood. You are not one of those people. Like Loki, you take a scorched earth approach to dealing with your anger. If you've noticed your friends scattering when your temper starts to flare, then you definitely have some Loki tendencies.

You Are the Master of Snark

Have you ever been hanging with your friends and dropped a comment dripping with flawless snark and watched them all dissolve into laughter? Then you have Loki's gift for turning biting commentary into universal hilarity.

Everyone Consults You When There Is a Scheme in Need of Hatching

Whether a bad boyfriend needs to be taught a lesson or a friend needs reservations at the coolest restaurant in the city, you are the first person your buddies call. Why? Because you are clever, resourceful, and always finish what you start. They know you get stuff done by any means necessary.

Even Though You Hate the Term BFF, Your BFF is Your Sibling and Everyone Knows It

No matter how much smack you talk about your family, everyone knows your sibling is the closest thing you have to a best friend. While it is totally okay for you to talk about your sibling, your friends know better than to say a bad word about them unless they are willing to face your wrath.

Sound familiar? Then congratulations, you are officially the Loki of your friend group.

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