11 Fashion Items For Rainy Summer Days Because This Is The Most Confusing Weather To Dress For

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I have a confession to make: I have this creepy obsession with rainy day fashion. Rainy days are so soothing when you get to stay in, sit on your couch in sweats, and eat pizza (and other carbs) while binge-watching Netflix all day.

Sadly, when it rains, I usually have to step out to go to work, run an errand, or do anything else under the (metaphorical) sun. And you want to know what's worse than going out in rainy weather? Going out in hot, rainy weather.

Rainy, hot days are a traditional rain lover's worst nightmare. We are presented with so many questions when we have to face rainy, summer days. Do I wear a raincoat or do I just pack an umbrella? Will my feet be hot if I wear those heavy, tall rain boots? What is a girl to do during horrific weather like this?

And so I spend the majority my life doing research on the perfect items for weather like this (OK, maybe I am over-exaggerating). Nevertheless, I finally figured out the essential items needed for rainy, summer days. Here are my 11 must-haves.

Image: fangtong/Flickr

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