11 Fashion Items For Rainy Summer Days Because This Is The Most Confusing Weather To Dress For

I have a confession to make: I have this creepy obsession with rainy day fashion. Rainy days are so soothing when you get to stay in, sit on your couch in sweats, and eat pizza (and other carbs) while binge-watching Netflix all day.

Sadly, when it rains, I usually have to step out to go to work, run an errand, or do anything else under the (metaphorical) sun. And you want to know what's worse than going out in rainy weather? Going out in hot, rainy weather.

Rainy, hot days are a traditional rain lover's worst nightmare. We are presented with so many questions when we have to face rainy, summer days. Do I wear a raincoat or do I just pack an umbrella? Will my feet be hot if I wear those heavy, tall rain boots? What is a girl to do during horrific weather like this?

And so I spend the majority my life doing research on the perfect items for weather like this (OK, maybe I am over-exaggerating). Nevertheless, I finally figured out the essential items needed for rainy, summer days. Here are my 11 must-haves.

Image: fangtong/Flickr

by Charmaine Simmons

Ankle Rain Boots

Hunter Original Two-Tone Chelsea Rain Boot, $135, Z appos

Instead of having sweaty feet and legs from tall rain boots, opt for ankle rain boots instead. Ankle rain boots are less constricting yet fashionable.

Lightweight Jacket

Nike Windrunner, $85, Nike

While it is too hot outside to wear a heavy raincoat, you still need something that will keep you dry. A lightweight, water-repellent jacket will definitely do the trick and cover up your arms for cold subway train rides.

Linen T-Shirt

H&M Linen T-shirt, $15, H&M

A linen t-shirt is the most lightweight top you can wear that will keep you both dry and cool in this horrible weather. Secret: I buy my linen t-shirts from the men’s section because they are the best.

Popover Shirt Dress

Chambray Popover Shirt Dress, $28, F orever 21

Let’s be real: It’s too hot for pants. This is why you should grab a popover shirt dress to have an easy, effortless look that will keep you cool. Also, these simple dresses would pair well with the ankle rain boots.

Jelly Sandals

Parker Lane Strap Slide Jelly Flat Sandals, $7, A sos

If you are a very brave soul and choose to wear sandals, jelly sandals are your best bet for weather like this.

Cropped Jacket

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Cropped Jacket, $283, L agar Conne

You know what’s even cooler than a lightweight rain jacket? This cropped jacket. Totally impractical but simply chic.

Faux Patent Leather Oxfords

Metallic Faux Patent Oxfords, $33, Forever 21

Rainy days are the perfect time to wear your faux leather shoes. Faux patent leather oxfords look amazing on those gloomy mornings.

Clear Umbrella

Kate Spade Clear Umbrella, $38, Kate Spade

Clear umbrellas are so cute and will match every outfit. Yes, having my umbrella matching my ensemble is important to me.

Moisture Wick Shorts

Women’s UA Tech Printed Short, $25, Under Armour

Moisture-resistant workout shorts are great for rainy, hot days when you do not want to dress up. These shorts will keep you cool and dry due to their moisture transport system.

Lightweight Sneakers

Nike Free TR 5 Breathe, $100, Amazon

Lightweight sneakers that will let your feet breathe while keeping them dry are ideal if you choose to go out for a short run in hot, rainy weather.

Baseball Cap

Ebbets Field Flannels For J.Crew Brooklyn Eagles Ball Cap, $50, J Crew

While it is too hot for a wool hat, baseball caps are ideal for looking chic while keeping your head dry.