How to Travel In Style and Comfort

Airports have recently become unofficial fashion runways. Gone are the days where a pair of leggings and your college sweatshirt were good enough for cross-country travels. Celebrities and fashion bloggers have upped the standards for how we should fly by dressing... so fly. And although you may be overwhelmed by the idea of having to look good while getting to your flight on time, it can actually be fairly simple, with a little help from our favorite fashionable jetsetters.

The holiday travel season is upon us, so we've decided to scour through some of the best airport looks as modeled by chic fashion bloggers to give you inspiration on what to wear to the airport. Here are five tips on how to travel stylishly — but more importantly — comfortably.

Stick to Flats

Although we've seen many a celebrity walk out from the terminal in heeled sandals and pumps, the reality is that she probably has someone else lugging her baggage for her, whereas carrying a overflowing tote, laptop bag and rolly suitcase by yourself is really only manageable in flats — but cute flats, nonetheless. Consider easy-to-slip-on loafers and ankle booties, like blogger The Blonde Salad, or a pair of fresh sneakers like Converse All Stars or Nike Air Maxes.

Bring a Warm Jacket

No matter how warm it is wherever you currently are or are going to, it's always 10 to 20 degrees colder in the actual plane. Don't set yourself up for catching a cold (nothing's worse than being sick on Thanksgiving!), but don't just bring any old sweatshirt (unless it's as luxe as these). Take a note from blogger Peace, Love, Shea and bring along your favorite varsity or moto jacket.

Boyfriend Jeans are Your Best Friend

Step away from your sweatpants and yoga leggings. A pair of worn-in boyfriend jeans are just as comfortable and even warmer than those garments (which should be kept for gym and couch-lounging only). They tie together any outfit, like the one blogger Song of Style is rocking here, and look as good as they feel on.

Carry a Big Tote

Be a good, abiding airplane passenger and do not bring more than one carry-on baggage and personal item with you. Not only is it the rule, it'll also keep you sane from having to keep track of all of your belongings. The solution to this problem: a big-ass tote. You can fit everything in there, laptop and fashion mags included. If you've been dying to find use for your new stylish backpack, this is also an opportune moment to bust it out.

Keep Your Makeup Simple

There's no need for full-glam on the plane. The dry, stale air combatted with the bad lighting and long hours are not ideal for foundations, eyeliner and lipsticks. Do yourself and your face a favor by keeping the makeup to a minimum during your travels. No one wants to exit the plane with raccoon eyes and smeared lips. All you really need is your trusty lip balm. Smear on your favorite chap stick on your lips to prevent cracking and on your cuticles to keep your nails hydrated. Go ahead and dab some balm on your cheekbones for some added glow, too.

Images: SincerelyJules/Instagram , chiaraferragni/Instagram, peaceloveshea/Instagram, songofstyle/Instagram, SmashleyBell/Instagram, SincerelyJules/Instagram