The Sexist Jokes About Women In 'FIFA' Have Begun

On Thursday, EA Sports announced that the soccer world's favorite video game would finally include women's teams. Yay! It's about time. But, of course, the trolls are already here to rain on everyone's parade with sexist jokes about women being in FIFA 16. Why can't we red card sexists from Twitter?

I would like to say that the negative backlash came as a surprise. I really, really would. Haven't we progressed far enough as humans for people to not be scandalized by the thought of even having the option of playing as a woman in a video game?

Apparently, we have not. But, as I said, that wasn't a huge shocker. The FIFA franchise blends two worlds that aren't exactly friendly to women — sports and video games. For whatever reason, it's a commonly accepted idea that women don't belong in either of the disparate realms. Unless you're on the sidelines with pompoms or you're a prostitute in Grand Theft Auto. You know, lady stuff.

So, was it really a surprise that women (!) playing sports (!!) in video games (!!!) would become an instant joke on social media? No. It really wasn't. The creativity of sexists never ceases to amaze me.

Some imagined what FIFA's career mode would look like with women:

Some imagined how menstruation would affect the game. Because real women also completely shut down and drop out of existence for a week of each month. Periods! Ha! Ha!

Some were just awful:

Well, there you have it. How hilarious!

Images: EA Sports (1)