Tatiana Tears Up While Talking About LGBT Fans

Gather 'round my fellow Clone Club members, because here's some proof that the amazingly talented actress Tatiana Maslany is a real-life heroine on and off the screen. While chatting with GLAAD, Tatiana Maslany showed support for the LGBT community in an emotional way that will surely touch the lives and hearts of many. When asked about why she is an ally to the LGBT community, the Orphan Black star tearfully said:

It's like a no brainer. There's no question. A lot of my friends, you know, have struggled with coming out or identifying how they identify. And it's just a no brainer to me. It just makes no sense that there wouldn't be support for the community. That it even has to be a separate community. Like, I don't understand why there's a line drawn. And I totally just feel grateful that I've had these experiences with fans, you know, at Comic Con who are coming out because of Orphan Black.

As fans of the BBC America drama know, Orphan Black does not shy away from shining a light on LGBT characters, including Cosima, Delphine, Felix, and Tony. Maslany told GLAAD that she couldn't be happier to be part of a show that not only brings to light important issues when it comes to the LBGT community, but also that the show is helping others come out, and love and accept themselves.

If you thought Maslany was just awesome playing clones, you were wrong, because she's clearly just as influential in real life.