13 Things Gals With Natural Hair Think On Wash Day

It's that time of the week that so many of us women with natural hair hate: Wash day. Like many black women I know, washing my natural hair is really only a weekly endeavor, since excessive cleansing can lead to an extremely dry scalp. Not to mention that washing natural, curly hair is extremely time consuming (no joke: it can take up an entire day!).

Wash day takes true mental preparation due to the time and energy needed to dedicate to the activity. And it's not just me. In an article for Curly Nikki titled "Natural Girls Be Like... #WASHDAY," it becomes clear that many naturally-haired women's thoughts on wash day are as flabbergasting and stressful as my own. In fact, we go through so many different thought processes on this day that we might need to see a therapist about it all post-rinse (although talking to your cat can do the trick, too).

Thankfully, the natural hair community has our back by educating and preparing us for the most treacherous weekly moment of all of our naturally-haired lives. From detangling your natural hair to spending hours deep conditioning to choosing this week's set style, wash day involves a lot of decision-making. It normally takes me an hour at the nail salon to select my weekly nail lacquer, so you can only imagine how draining it is for me on wash day.

Essentially, there are 13 major thoughts that every woman with natural hair has racing through her head when the time does finally come. Here they are:

1. Do I REALLY want to Pre-Poo?! NOT HAPPENING!

2. Ohh look! Now I have to detangle my hair for hours!

3. My arms are tired and I want to quit now!

4. What conditioner do I want to use?!

5. Time to deep condition/sit and watch Netflix for two+ hours (AKA my favorite part of wash day!)

6. Do I want to style my hair as a wash-n-go?

7. Do I want to wear a twist-out?

8. Maybe a braid-out?

9. OK, A Bantu-knot out???

10. It is mission impossible to sleep in bantu knots, though...

11. I guess I will stick with bantu knots...

12. NOW, I have to wait 24+ hours for bantu knots to dry... great!

13. YASSSS! My hair is finally dry and looking flawless.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy