11 Super Easy Hairstyles To Sport At The Beach

by Katharine McEntee

I love perfectly polished hair just as much as Blair Waldorf, but when it comes to the beach, step away from the hot iron: Salt water is such a great natural styling tool that you don't need to do anything but jump right in. While your hair might get a bit messy, these 11 easy beach hairstyles are all about embracing natural texture, so don't worry about looking like a frizz ball (although that's totally cool, too). I've got you covered with these star-approved beach 'dos.

Not all of us can emerge from the ocean with gorgeous beach waves like Gisele. In fact, if you are anything like me, your hair hits the water and instantly turns into a tangly mess. Instead of avoiding the water, give into your curly/messy/limp locks and try a cool new beach 'do. Add a few braids to your waves like Joan Smalls, or take a tip from Poppy Delevingne and style your long locks in a tight top knot. Or if you can't figure out what to do with your bangs, try braiding them back like Selena Gomez. Whatever style you choose, it is bound to be a beautiful, beachy mess!

The beach is supposed to be fun and playful, so don't stress about your hair. These 11 super easy beach hairstyles will add chicness to your natural texture so you can sit back, relax, and have fun in the sun.

1. High Pony

Ponytails have been trending ever since Beyoncé sported her super high version at the Met Gala. Add some flair to your beach attire by donning the super high ponytail this summer, too.

2. Top Knot

I am a huge fan of the top knot. It's simple and easy and looks great on everyone. Add a bit of style to your bun with a fun-printed scarf like Poppy's.

3. Side Pony

I know it sounds simple, but sometimes simple is best! No matter your hair texture, side ponies almost always look good.

4. Milkmaid Braid

Braid back your bangs with a milkmaid braid or French braid bun combo like Selena Gomez. This is my favorite beach look because it keeps my curly bangs from frizzing.

5. Pulled Back With A Scarf

Instead of hiding your curls in a bun or braid, show them off! To keep the hair out of your face, opt for a fun scarf at the base of your hairline.

6. Hidden Under A Hat

Sometimes you just need a good hat to hide your hair under.

7. Braided

I love this look because it is a great way to still wear your hair down and tame frizz. It's common for your hair underneath to frizz more than the rest, so add a few braids to the frizzy sections and voila: super smooth beach waves.

8. Dramatic Side Part

The side part is the best part for the beach. Just flop your natural waves to one side and it looks like you have a lot of volume even if your locks are limp.

9. Low Bun

Dunk your hair in the water and pull it back in a sleek low bun for a classy beach style.

10. Side Braid

The side braid is never supposed to look perfect, and that's why it is a great style for the beach. If you have unruly curls, try braiding your bangs into your braid, and if your hair is super straight, leave them out like Lindsay.

11. Add A Flower

Simply add a big flower to soft waves or a pulled back bun: It instantly adds a hint of style to your 'do.

Images: Fotolia; samahaya, poppydelevingne, selena gomez, harleyvnewton, beyonce, dianekrugerperso, joansmalls, gigihadid, lilyaldridge, lindsellingson, doutzen/Instagram