The Mallzee Shopping App Is Now Available in America, So Get Ready To Swipe Right On Your Dream Wardrobe

Have you ever been on Tinder and thought, man, this is great, the only thing that could possibly make it better is if I was simultaneously shopping? Well, then it's time you met the new-to-America application that's already taken the rest of the world by storm, Mallzee. Mallzee is already used in 48 other countries, but has just made its debut here in the States, launching with brands like H&M, Zara, and PacSun.

The app offers a personalized shopping experience by creating a customized "Style Feed" based on the users preferences. To make your sartorial tastes known, Mallzee uses a swiping interface similar to that of Tinder so it can quickly learn what you like and don't like. So now, instead of finding your next boyfriend, you can find your next dream outfit — minus all of that awkward first date chitchat.

Mallzee even makes sure you won't miss out on any bargains by alerting you via notification whenever a product you like goes on sale or drops in price. You can also get your friend's opinion on a cute pair of shoes or a trendy handbag with a simple click of a button since the app has built in WhatsApp and iMessage integration. There's a reason why this app has been such a major success the world over, and now America will get to try it out first hand.

Just make sure your bank account is ready for the serious hit it's about to take.