Emilia Clarke Won't Google Herself After Horrible, Fat Shaming Trolls Attack Her On The Internet

Emilia Clarke is Marie Claire UK's July 2015 cover girl, and while she looks fabulous in her smokey-eyed, pouty lip close-up, it’s almost impossible to avoid the negative criticism that surrounds a celebrity. At the start of her big break on HBO's Game of Thrones as Dragon Queen Daenerys, curiosity killed the cyber cat as Emilia Clarke was fat-shamed on the Internet. After reading over similar comments, Clarke decided that would be the last time she Googled herself. If I was an actress, I wouldn’t even own a computer.

Game of Thrones piqued my interest two seasons back, and that was only because I fell in girl-crush mode over Clarke’s character. First of all, she’s not only a queen, but a queen of dragons. If that doesn’t scream boss, I don’t know what does.

Second of all, the actress is not the cookie-cutter cut out of what society thinks a beautiful woman should be. The woman has curves and she’s confident in her skin, as you can see from her multiple hot and heavy sex scenes on the show.

Whether the camera is rolling or she's living life behind the scenes, Clarke presents herself as a woman to be idolized, not scrutinized.

It deeply disappoints me that people feel, especially over the internet, that they are entitled to body shame anyone whether they be a celebrity, peer, or stranger.

Self love and body positivity should be a natural instict, but this has been made difficult by those who find humor in body shaming and bully others for how they do or do not look. Clarke tells Marie Claire, "It just takes the one person who says: 'She's a fat bitch,' and you're like: 'I'm a fat bitch.'

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Fat shaming, skinny shaming, body shaming — it's all toxic. We were born human, which means all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes. By spreading self love and joining the body positivity moment, we can prove to the wold that that alone is enough.

Don't listen to them, Clarke. You are beautiful in all forms.

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