Valentino's Rockstud Shoes Are Increasing The Brand's Sales, Plus 3 Affordable Look-Alikes

Sometimes all it takes to become a great success in the fashion world is one pair of shoes. Whether it's a red-soled Louboutin heel, a flat-bedded Birkenstock, or a sporty Isabel Marant sneaker wedge, we have all wanted to get in on one of the latest footwear fashions. It seems that the latest It shoe, however, has almost single-handedly increased it's brands' sales, all because of some killer studs. According to Racked, Valentino’s Rockstud shoes are increasing the brand's sales immensely. These shoes, which have experienced great popularity among celebrities and Instagram fashionistas as of late, have apparently been a huge factor in the company's sales, which increased by 36% last year.

The Rockstud style first dropped in 2010 and since then, Valentino’s sales have more than doubled. It’s been clear that Valentino has been gravitating more towards high-fashion street style and one of the creative directors told that they are, “concentrating on an effortless elegance, so it’s like wearing couture with a street attitude.” The studs give their pair of heels that street edge while holding the elegance and femininity of high heels. But of course, because they’re Valentino, not everyone’s wallet can handle that price.

If you’re looking to strut around with a pair of heels with that Rockstud style (minus the Valentino price), here are some alternatives:

1. BCBG Pumps

BCBGeneration Darron Pump, $70, DSW

This shoe looks a lot more casual than Valentino's Rockstuds, but I can definitely see this piece being dressed up or down.

2. T-Strap Heels

Ur A Stud Double T-Strap Heels, $23, Go Jane

This alternative has less studs, but the dainty buckles definitely make up for it.

3. Matching Studs

Studded T-Strap Dress Sandals, $39, Charlotte Russe

If you want to tone down the bling, but still want to rock the Rockstud, these pumps will do it!

Images: Courtesy Of Brands