8 Things For Cat Lovers Who (Devastatingly) Can't Have A Kitty Of Their Own

Not all cat lovers are the same. Some of us, like myself, go into an itching and sneezing frenzy when in the vicinity of cats which means that, sadly, as much as we love these cute fluffy little squishies, we're not made to have them as pets. Instead of sulking and watching your "pet" cactus grow, here are some adorable items you can buy to proclaim your love for kitties even if you never actually keep one around the house.

Decorative Cat Pillow

Just because you’re not cuddling with a fluffy cutie in bed doesn’t mean you have to sleep alone. This Dallas-based Etsy seller makes some cute stuffed animals and pillows in cats and dogs shapes. The fact that it’s made with batik fabric makes it even cooler.

Decorative Cat Pillow, $45, Etsy

Up Your Alley Cat Flats in Stripes

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but you can choose to wear yours on your feet. Zooey Deschanel has these, so why shouldn’t you?

Up Your Alley Cat Flats in Stripes, $59.99,

Nail Stickers

One up all your kitty-obsessed friends with these nail stickers. Apply these over your normal polish to jazz up your manicure.

Nail Stickers, $5,

Purr Maid tshirt

How do you mix your love for mermaids with your love for cats? With a mermaid cat hybrid tee of course.

Purr-maid T shirt, $28,

Cateye Prescription Glasses

Up your personal feline fierceness with these sassy pair of cat eye prescription glasses by Bonlook. They pair perfectly with winged, cat eye liner.

Cateye Prescription Glasses, from $99,

Yours, Mine, and Noir’s Duvet Cover

I’m a firm believer of making your bed, and bedroom the best part of the house. You spend every night in it, after all, so it should be an investment. This black and white duvet cover is simple enough that it won’t clash with the colors in your room.

Yours, Mine, and Noir’s Duvet Cover, $53.99,

Paul & Joe Pressed Powders

Paul & Joe, joined by Cap’n Kitty, launched a limited edition pressed powders collection this season. It only comes in two shades, but you should get your paws on them if they match your color! Those who aren’t one of the two shades can get this super cute lipstick case instead.

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Cat Protective Pressed Powder, $50,