Solange's Dress With A Cape Was Made For Her

I don't know about you, but when I start to think about a capes, I immediately imagine a superhero and never a fashionista. But Solange's white cape dress may have just changed that forever. The better dressed Knowles sister (in my opinion) wore a cape the only way she knew how: artfully.

And according to Daily Mail, she didn't just throw on this hot number because it's Thursday. Instead, Solange was hosting a champagne party in London. Which, in that case, the Marios Schwab off-white gown was totally fitting. Like many of Solange's best outfits, this dress combined a few different notes to create something only a style maven like her could pull off. The actual bodice of the gown is simple, stopping above her knees. But where it gets tricky is with the sleeves. What starts as one long sleeve, turns into a one-armed cape. And it doesn't just end there. The cape continues on down her back, ending on the ground, in fringe.

But in the essence that is Solange, the dress was paired (perfectly) with a pair of wrap-up ankle strapped heels, adorned in fringe and tassles. It was great. So great that she even posted a picture of herself on Instagram, captioning it, "Looking for a cape cure.........make it stop. Ok don't." Trust us, girl, we won't.

Obviously Solange knows that white is her color, because this isn't the first time she's pulled the all-white-everything look off. It makes me to take a stab at it, but then I remember how messy I am. I'll leave the dress up to her.