Kristen Noel Crawley Talks About Her Whimsical, Eclectic Style For KDIA A&d Dishes On Where She Finds Creativity

Kristen Noel Crawley's crazy fun jewelry line KDIA is essentially everything a whimsy loving fashion gal could want. The line is so unique that the latest collection is based on the emojiis you use on the reg making the pieces high end, accessible, and totally quirky. Well, Noel Crawley's whimsical style translates perfectly into all aspects of her life, and the designer sat down with Harper's Bazaar to dish on her line, her creative process, and her relationship with fashion.

Crawley spent time with Harper's Bazaar at her Los Angeles home discussing the way in which her tastes had influenced her interior design style. Much like her eclectic designs for KDIA, her home is full of quirky touches and high-end artwork. The fact that Crawley's style is apparent in all facets of her life is what makes her jewelry designs so consistently amazing. Speaking of her inspiration for the line, Crawley explains that it all began with a necklace. She tells Harpers,"I originally made the "100" necklace for myself. It came out really well so I decided to make a capsule collection out of my favorite emojis. Things kind of snowballed after that. I got picked up by Colette and Browns my first season. I'm excited to show everyone what I'm working on next." We definitely can't wait to see her next collection if it's anything like her current.

The designer also dished on what happens when her creative juices just aren't flowing and gives us a glimpse into where she does find inspiration for her line. "There's nothing I can do except let it pass on its own," she says, speaking of designer's block, "I'll of course try to watch old films or go to museums or submerse myself into something else to take my mind off of it. It doesn't always work though, sometimes it takes weeks for me to get out of a slump. I just came back from NYC and I had a few really good meetings, that gave me positive energy and I came up with a few new ideas on the flight back." Crawley's decision to immerse herself into other art forms truly shows in her work and style which she went on to discuss in more detail.

Crawley admits that she's just not that into style anymore. Instead, she chooses to focus on her professional pursuits. However, that doesn't mean that lacks an appreciation for fashion. When asked if she's an editor or a builder, she explains, "Lately I'm building. I've made a list of classics that I need to add to my wardrobe. 60% of it is from The Row. Those silhouettes, they never will go out of style. I used to be a huge consumer, I just am not that interested in fashion anymore. I care so much about my business and making it successful. I can't be worried about what new clothes are coming out, I simply don't have the time."

We love Crawley's outlook on her career. She's determined, consistent, and insanely creative. The talented designer is clearly focused on her creative pursuits, and we are incredibly excited to what KDIA has in store for us in the future, and what Crawley is going to come up with next!

Images: Kristen Noel Crawley/Instagram (3)