22 Unrecognizable Celebrity Magazine Covers, From Vanessa Hudgens Copying Taylor Swift To Jennifer Aniston Going Way Glam

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When a celebrity notches a magazine cover, it's a big deal for whatever pursuit they're promoting. Many times, these editorial shoots also give said starlet a chance to show off a new hair or makeup look; a chance to try something that doesn't necessarily fit with their "brand." This can often lead to the celebrity looking unrecognizable on magazine covers, causing even more buzz.

Sure, there's the occasional photoshop mishap that transforms a celebrity in a not-so-awesome way, but often it's the glam squads, makeup artists, and hairstylists who put all hands on deck to create a new version of the cover girl.

On these 22 magazine covers, celebs like Taylor Swift (that's Vanessa Hudgens, not Swift, above), Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Washington, and more didn't look like themselves.

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