5 Covers Adele & Stevie Nicks Should Slay ASAP

You'd think achieving your own fame and notoriety would make you desensitized to meeting other successful celebrities, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Especially, if Adele's chance encounter with Stevie Nicks is any indication. Oh yeah, that's right, these two powerhouses met and did not, as I would have previously assumed, eclipse the Earth and send us all plummeting into a black hole of nothingness. No, instead, the meeting was a regular love fest between the two female mavens, sending the collective girl power energy supply through the roof.

How do we know this seemingly fabled event even took place? Well, Adele tweeted about it with a picture for proof, because who wouldn't brag about something so major? The singer wrote, "So… tonight was THE best night of my life. I love you Stevie Nicks!! The queen of melodies! Thanks for everything x." And it seems that the love was most certainly not one sided. According to NME News, Nicks said of the younger singer, "She's a fantastic songwriter... I told her, ‘You’re going to be me in 40 years. You’re going to still be up onstage doing what you’re doing because of your songwriting.'" Um, is that a compliment or is that a compliment?!

Considering there's hardly anything I love more than Adele, Stevie Nicks, and women showing each other love and encouragement, I think it'd be prudent for us to ruminate over possible female empowerment songs the ladies should cover, now that a collaboration between the two is practically an inevitability. Well, at least in my mind it is.

Christina Aguilera — "Fighter"

Not too sure why no other big acts have made a point of covering this, but these ladies would be the optimal people to take on the task.

Kelly Clarkson — "Stronger"

Never enough songs about strength, ya know?

Aretha Franklin — "Respect"

Adele with the passion, Nicks with the grit. Bring. It. On.

P!nk — "There You Go"

Just picture the sass, I can hardly handle it.

Beyoncé — "Run The World (Girls)"

Too greedy to hope for a Bey inclusion on this epic re-do as well? Whatevs, a girl can dream. But hopefully, I won't have to dream for too long, because surely, these two know they need to make the world happy and get their collaboration on.