Justin Bieber Fan Wears Mugshot Backpack To Meet The Singer, Get The Look With These 5 Celeb Accessories

Justin Bieber has recently been stepping up his style game and so, apparently, have his fans. According to Cosmopolitan, a fan wore a Justin Bieber mugshot backpack when she went bowling in Los Angeles with the singer and a group of other Belibers. The enthusiastic teen posted a selfie with the star, allowing the Internet to get a good hard look at that glorious accessory.

Bieber partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to hit the alleys and perform for a group of his most loyal fans. And what better way to show true loyalty than by wearing a celebified accessory, especially one as hilariously spot-on as this? The teen, whose name is Ilia, shared her excitement for the event through social media and made it clear that she has only love for the Biebs. Although some fellow Belibers didn't exactly appreciate the mugshot backpack, Bieber himself could clearly take the joke — and he proved it by following his devoted fan on Twitter.

Justin Bieber is not the only star whose mug makes for one trendy accessory. From coffee cups to sweatshirts, fans love to rock a celeb's visage as part of their outfit. Spice up any ensemble with these celeb-adorned pieces.

1. Crying Kim K Ring

This Kim Kardashian image inspired a variety of memes, phone cases, and t-shirts, but it is now available in the less noticeable form. A Kim K ring is sure to bring some personality to any outfit.

Kim Kardashian Crying Face Ring, $6, Wanelo

2. Show Some Celebrity Skin

We've seen Miley Cyrus bare some skin before, but with this Marc Jacobs tee you can wear a revealing Cyrus ensemble all your own.

Miley Cyrus Shirt, $35, Marc Jacobs

3. Show Off Your Fave Missheard Lyric

So maybe these aren't the actual lyrics, but this Taylor Swift necklace is too good.

Starbucks Lovers Necklace, $14.99, Etsy

4. Nicki Minaj Tote With Personality

Nicki Minaj has enough personality to go around. Adding a little Minaj to your arm can easily spice up any wardrobe.

Nicki Minaj Shopping Bag, $16.99, Rebels Market

5. One Direction iPhone Case

Cell phones have quickly become accessories considering how much we use them. Personalize your phone case by adding a few One Direction hunks.

(One Direction Phone Case, $35, Society 6)

Images: Courtesy Brands