How To Dress For A Taylor Swift Soiree

Attention all you Starbucks lovers, we now know what to wear to a Taylor Swift house party thanks to Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Lena Dunham, who were spotted in attendance last night at the pop star's Tribeca penthouse for an informal soiree. Unlike all the hip hugging leather, battle armor, and weaponry we saw in the “Bad Blood” video, the dress code for Swift’s get together was pretty casual. Realistically, we shouldn’t have expected any more or less — I mean, hello, cue the “22” music video, complete with plaid shirts and beanies.

I can totally picture Swift chatting over a four-way call with Hadid, Kloss and Dunham, inviting them over for cocktails, maybe some cake decorating. Hadid would totally be that friend to ask “what should I wear?” and Swift would reply “come as you are.” Because she's totally accepting like that.

Swift’s VIPs range from actresses, to activists and supermodels, so it’s no surprise that their personal styles are just as diverse as their occupations. Whether you’re a Gigi Hadid, opting for skinnies and a leather jacket or a Lena Dunham most comfortable in a tank and backwards cap, when you’re partying with this singer, you're never out of style.

You may not be getting an invite to Swift’s bachelorette pad anytime soon (unless you actually are one of her elites, in which case, I envy you), but you can certainly dress like you are. Find out how you can be Swift-party ready with the looks below, inspired by Dunham, Hadid, and Kloss's styles.

1. Get the Look: Lena Dunham

Faux Pearl Knit Cardigan, $12.90,

Vintage Cotton Tank, $24.50,

Super Stretch Jegging Low Rise, $49.95,

GapFit gStride Running Hat, $19.95,

2. Get the Look: Gigi Hadid

Silence + Noise Vegan Leather + Fleece Moto Jacket, $59.99,

V-Tee Merona, $10.00,

Emilio Pucci Cotton-Silk Velvet Stretch Leggings, $439.00,

Aviator Flash Lenses Blue Flash, $170.00,

3. Get the Look: Karlie Kloss

Lilly Off The Shoulder Crop Bardot Top, $10.00,

Knit High Slit Maxi Skirt, $39.90,

Aviator Classic Green Classic G-15, $150.00,

Embellished Leather Sandals, $347.50,

Okay Tay, I'll be awaiting my invitation!

Images: Courtesy Brands