Vanessa Hudgens Will Make You Want Cargo Shorts

When you think of cargo shorts, the word “stylish” doesn’t necessarily come to mind, but that’s because you haven’t seen the versions that are on the market right now. Vanessa Hudgens wore army green cargo shorts to walk her dog and proved just how fashionable they can be. No, these are not the same as the cargo shorts you sported on hot days in eighth grade, folks — and thank god for that!

I promise, you’ll actually want to wear the latest modernized versions of these campy bottoms. Most current cargo shorts, like the ones Hudgens wore, are shorter and the pockets aren’t nearly as bulky as they once were. But, they’re still totally functional, just waaay better looking. That’s all you really wanted from cargo shorts anyways, right? Practicality combined with style.

You may not be able to drop $495 on the Derek Lam pair that Hudgens herself wore, but there are similar styles out there that are much more affordable, which means we can all have this utilitarian look for ourselves. Once you see these shorts you’ll know that really is exciting news.

You wouldn’t have thought it, but cargo shorts are sure to be your new favorite thing, and we have none other than the ultra stylish Hudgens to thank for that.

Check out her look:

Now, get it for yourself!

Only Kahki Cargo Short

$47.12, ASOS

Rumpled Surplus Shorts

$49, Urban Outfitters

Harem Cargo Shorts

$206, Steven Alan

Unstructured Cargo Shorts

$14.80, Forever 21

Linen Cargo Shorts

$79.97, Alice + Olivia

G Star Cargo Shorts

$94.23, ASOS

Cargo Foldover Short

$88, Free People

Jump Cargo Short

$164, Ralph Lauren

Belted Cargo Short

$109.99, J. Crew

Images: Courtesy Brands