We Wish JLaw Would've Played Han Solo

Oh Jennifer Lawrence, when will she stop breaking our hearts bit by tiny bit? We were so excited to hear rumors of Jennifer Lawrence potentially playing a young Han Solo, only to have her shoot down our wildest dreams with her annoyingly cute laugh. Oh yeah, it's so easy to just turn down the idea of playing Han Solo with an adorable chortle followed by a "that's awful" but what about our hopes and dreams Jennifer, don't they matter too? Why Jennifer Lawrence, why?!?!? Because it would have been too insanely awesome to subvert a classic role? Because she would have been ass-kickin' and attractive in that vest and leather pants combo? What could it possibly have been?

So as you can imagine, I'm pretty upset by this whole thing. Jennifer Lawrence has been owning the big screen in both indie movies and franchises, and if there was one thing I'd have been truly shocked to see, it would've been J.Law kitted out as Han Solo. If we could have worked in some titillating Princess Leia lesbian action, well hey, wouldn't see me complaining there either. See, Jennifer Lawrence is already an icon as it is, imagine how timeless and memorable it would have been if her next step was to play Han Solo? The Star Wars prequels have sucked generously, it would be well worth it for the memory of Star Wars past to be honored by the likes of J.Law with a lightsaber.

That would have been life-changing.