You Can Now Post GIFs Like This On Facebook

Everyone is freaking out because you can now post gifs on Facebook, and I can't say I blame them. Emojis are awesome and all, but seriously GIFs are everything. They tell a story and that story is entirely up to you. Up until recently, there was no way to share these crucial stories via Facebook. But now—hold on to your butts, y'all—FACEBOOK ALLOWS POSTNG GIFS! TGIF, in-freaking-deed.

Before this most holy of digital developments, one could kinda convey the GIF and most of its complex attributes by linking to it. However, this approach looks messy as hell and why wouldn't you want to hide such glory from fellow humans? Seems unkind, IMO. Anyway, posting a GIF to Facebook is simple. One needs only an Image URL to a moving GIF animation. Copy-paste it into your status and viola! The moving image should load in the preview and remain intact with a play button after posting.

As Wire points out, for a less chaotic look, you could always delete the link after the image loads so it appears stress-free. Keep in mind, though, uploading a GIF directly to Facebook (as in, if you have a GIF image saved on your desktop and you try to add it as a photo in the Facebook interface) makes it appear static. And who wants that, even? A photo that...sits still? YAWN. For starters, you might wanna save the Image URLs for the following, wholly essential GIFs which basically apply always in the world of Facebook and other, associated worlds:

Cat with leek

This could embody many insinuations including, but not limited to: "congrats!", "I approve," "I don't care," and "pick up some leeks at the store, please."

Beachside grilled cheese

Carbs. Sex. Glamour. Salt water. Dairy I say more? (Sorry.)

Gorgeous George

Or at least "George gets it."

Summer uncut

Does anyone else miss OG Summer Roberts? She could sure dish it. And I appreciate that.

Baby pig getting a bath

Perpetually relevant.

Obama shredding

The ultimate way to phrase, "Any objections?" immediately before a dramatic mic drop.

T. Swift's claws

Helpful for starting a fight or hitting on someone or working cats gracefully into the convo.

Avocado realness

Hold me.

Effective attention demands

I mean.

DGAF Daria


Coffee truths

Clearly, we could all relate. (Or at least at some points. Me? Always.)

Wine time

Olivia on loop in her natural, fermented state covers basically everything you need to know ever.

Philosophy 101

OK, OK—or yoga pants. I'm not impossibly picky, guys.

Betty's best

Soul sister, no doubt.

Legit time management

We are. Go. Just go. Wait, wait—one more.

Chris-tal clear

Any questions?

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (16)